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Water and Wastewater Services On-line Utility Bill Payment

The Water and Wastewater Services allows customers to pay their utility bill on-line.
Customers can make an on-line payment using a MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express card. All funds must be in US dollars.
For a proper payment transaction, you must enter all required credit card information below.
Select a credit card type, then enter your credit card account number, expiration date, full name, billing address and billing phone number.


 000 0014 6108 304 4614







Amount to be paid (9999.99): (Enter the amount of money that you want to pay)

Cardholder's Name: (Enter your full name as it appears on the credit card)

Payment Method: (Select a credit card type from the dropdown menu)

Credit Card Number: (Enter your account number as it appears on the credit card without any spaces)

Expiration Date:(Enter the expiration date on the credit card)
Month Year

Billing Address Information: (Enter the billing address information for your credit card)

Street Address


State or Province

Zip or Postal Code


Email Address (optional): (Enter your email address - a confirmation receipt will be sent)

Billing Phone Number (9545551212): (Enter a daytime phone number where you can be reached)

Water Off?: (Check box only if your service has been turned off)

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